Eleven Plus Maths Challenge

Here are the answers to the challenge in our brochure…

1. To calculate the area, split the shape into a rectangle and a right angled triangle by drawing a horizontal line. The area of the rectangle (length times height) is 22 x 28 = 616 and the area of the triangle (half the base times the height) is 0.5 x (28-12) x (30-22) = 0.5 x 16 x 8 = 64. Therefore the total area of the shape is 616 + 64 = 680 (metres squared) and the answer is C.

2. The multiplication 10 x 2.3 x 0.75 can be done in any order so there are several ways to solve this. Multiplying 2.3 by 10 gives 23 and multiplying 23 by 0.75 means that we need three quarters of 23. To find one quarter, halve 23 (11.5) and halve again (5.75). The answer is therefore 23 – 5.75 which gives 17.25, answer B.

3. The numbers given on the numberline are 0.4 and 2.8 and between them are 8 divisions. The difference between 0.4 and 2.8 (2.8-0.4) is 2.4 and dividing this by 8 results in each division being equal to 0.3 (24 divided by 8 is 3, then relocate the decimal point.) The arrow is 5 divisions away from 0.4 so add 5 times 0.3 to the starting number 0.4: 5 x 0.3 = 1.5 (5 x 3 = 15) and when this is added to 0.4 (1.5 + 0.4) the number the arrow points to is revealed as 1.9, answer E

4. A right angle is 90 degrees. A regular pentagon has five equal angles of 72 degrees (360 divided by 5) and therefore has no right angles – answer A

5. Opposite angles are equal, so the triangle containing angle y has angles of 23 degrees and 61 degrees. The total of all of the angles in a triangle is 180 degrees so to find angle y, subtract 23 and 61 from 180. 180 – 84 = 96 and therefore the answer is E.

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