Resources Published by Kemsing Tuition

The following links are to products on Amazon published by Kemsing Tuition. If you are a pupil, your tutor can provide these books and send you an invoice or you can purchase them yourself – just click on the item(s) you need and you will be taken to the Amazon website where you can purchase them. These are affiliate links, so Kemsing Tuition receives a small commission when you buy after clicking them.

We also have a pages of links to other books which are highly recommended for our pupils or if you are looking for suitable resources for yourself or your child. For our piano students, there is also a page of links to the resources that you will need. As with our own publications, we can purchase these items for you, supply them as needed and then invoice you for the cost. Alternatively, your tutor can advise you about which book(s) you or your child needs and you can purchase them yourself.